StreetComplete OSM Contribution App Begins iOS Port

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OpenStreetMap surveyor app

This app finds missing map data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as quests. Solve each quest by visiting the location on-site and answering a simple question to update the map. ~ StreetComplete

Development Begins

StreetComplete, an app that uses gamification to engage users in real-world tasks, aims to contribute to the development of the widely-used OpenStreetMap project through gamification. The team recently initiated the development of an iOS version of their popular Android app. According to their GitHub page, the contributors seek volunteers to familiarize themselves with the code and help develop the app.

How you can help

  • You could take over a task from the project board! Or, you could familiarize yourself with the mentioned technologies / frameworks to make meaningful contributions later. In particular: Jetpack Compose / Compose Multiplatform. This is very new to me too, so I have to find my feet here, too
  • You can sponsor development! See the title “Sponsor this project” in the sidebar on the main page. More money allows me to devote more time to development on this app in general. If you know any eligible sources for larger scale funding, talk to me!
  • You can help with maintenance and issue triage in general. Time saved on that is time I can put into furthering development on this!
~ westnordost

Contribute Financially

Potential Effects of an iOS App

An iOS app could enhance map data submissions in the United States, given that nearly half of all U.S. residents. Approximately 48.7% of people in the United States use an iPhone, according to Statista.

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