Jacob Gonzales

Digital Marketing Specialist


Three top skills.

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Web Development

4 years of experience in web development, during which I created gonzoknows.com. Initially, I built the site using Jekyll. Utilizing technologies like Shell, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Subsequently, I migrated the back-end platform to WordPress to highlight my capabilities of diversity to future clientele

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SEO & SEM Marketing

4 years of experience in SEO and SEM, with a standout achievement during the rollout of AI. I authored a case study that analyzed the accuracy of popular AI detection software in identifying AI-generated text. This study captured significant media attention, attracting over 100,000 readers without any advertising expenditure, highlighting the effectiveness of organic marketing

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Social Media Marketing

9 years of experience in social media marketing, beginning with the development of a successful YouTube channel at a young age. This channel gained over 2 million views and 30,000 subscribers, achieving a click-through rate of 12.7%. As well as 3,000 monthly recurring customers

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Equipping business around the world with the necessary groundwork to compete in the digital workspace.

Truths Forum (Non-Profit)

Brand Building, Digital Marketing, & Web Design

Chosen by Alexandria Baldridge, Ph.D. Candidate, the Dean of the Business Division at Cornerstone University, to contribute to a significant donor project over the past six weeks. Jada VanTol and I were tasked with redesigning Truths Forums, an emerging 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to Christian education and evangelism. Our mission was to bring their vision to life through a comprehensive redesign of the website and graphics. I’m proud that we were able to share this with the community on Wisdom Conversations night.

Lake MI Nest (Airbnb)

Brand Building, Digital Marketing, & Web Design

Invited in on a brand development project with Maddie Muench, where my role led to create the official website. We found that implementing proper SEO strategies was critically important. After analyzing competitors in the industry, we saw opportunities to outrank others through on-page optimization techniques. By utilizing best practices like optimized title tags and meta descriptions, we were able to boost our site to top search results quickly despite a limited budget. This success highlights the importance of user experience & brand identity. Maddie Muench established a solid brand identity guide upfront and created visually appealing imagery and custom color palettes; which supported our optimization efforts. The analytics displayed above-average reader retention and showed that our content and design kept visitors engaged with the brand.

Lake MI Nest – Site Analytics (January 2024)

Urban Family Ministries (Non-Profit)

Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, & Web Design

Lead the comprehensive redesign of a Urban Family Miniseries website, enhancing both the homepage and navigation to significantly improve user experience. This revamp included the integration of advanced features such as dynamic slider functionality and animated photo galleries, which have enriched user interaction and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, I took charge of creating polished promotional graphics that were vital in marketing events and programs across various social media platforms. By strategically scheduling these posts, I ensured maximum engagement and consistent visibility in target audiences’ feeds. A key part of my role also involved the development of interactive donation and registration forms using platforms like Typeform and PayPal, streamlining these critical processes to make them more user-friendly and efficient. This not only improved the user journey but also enhanced the administrative backend. To further optimize online visibility, I employed SEO best practices, which involved adding relevant metadata, ensuring the website was indexed by major search engines, and fixing broken links These efforts collectively boosted search rankings and user access. Lastly, I was responsible for the ongoing management of website content updates and security measures, regularly implementing the latest security patches and updating content to maintain the site’s integrity and relevance, ensuring it operated flawlessly and remained secure against potential vulnerabilities.

Serene Pentwater Getaway (Airbnb)

Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, & Social Media Marketing

Conducted research for social media ads and a keyword analysis to effectively promote events and programs through Meta Business Suite. This work led our group to achieve the highest ranking in our class during this real-world classroom exercise.


My Digital Marketing Recommendations

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Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools

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Understanding metadata

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Understanding how to do research

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Understanding how to optimize images

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Understanding how to leverage social media seo

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Understanding AI content in marketing (Personal perspective)

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