Innovative Client Connections, Excel Elite, & Allstar Direct Marketing Scam or Shady Hiring Process?

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Indeed Posting Funnel

This is one of the most elaborate scams I’ve encountered so far! Here’s the scoop: On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, at 6:11 AM on Indeed, I found a surprisingly basic job posting. Regardless of their educational background, they seemed open to hiring anyone, which is a clear warning sign. I’ve included the link to the job posting below for reference.

Job details

Pay: Up to $20 an hour

Job type: Full-time

Shift and schedule: 8-hour shift, Monday-Friday, Day shift, Weekends as needed

Location: Wyoming, MI

Benefits: Employee discount

Full job description

We are looking for energetic Managers to join our team.

Recent College Graduates Welcomed!

Bachelor’s Degree Recommended but not required
Interest in the field of Business
High Volume Customer Service & Sales
Willing to be trained

Role and Responsibilities
Recruits, develops motivates and manages a high-performing team
Develops positive long-term customer relationships
Utilizes consultative skills to solve customer problems and/or meet their needs
Interacts with employees and provides prompt and courteous customer service to all customers
Acts as manager in their absence
group training
Other duties as assigned

Characteristics & Expectations
Great Work Ethic
Great Attitude
Job Task & Duties
Team Training and Development
Small Group Management
Administrative and Office Management

If you think you are the right fit for this position please apply with your resume and/or cover letter for immediate consideration.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Internship

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: Up to $20.00 per hour


  • Employee discount


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift

Weekly day range:

  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

Work Location: In person

~ Allstar Direct Marketing, Inc

Excel Elite Introduction

On Wednesday, April 17th, at 7:48 PM, I got a text from a number with a 616 area code. I’ve chosen not to disclose the phone numbers even though they belong to scammers because Christ encourages upholding ourselves as Christians to a higher standard than the standard of man. The message informed me that “Excel Elite” was interested in conducting a phone interview with me. This caught me off guard since I had not applied for any position at Excel Elite. During the interview, I learned that AllStar Direct Marketing is the same entity as Excel Elite. The primary red flags were that AllStar Direct Marketing and Excel Elite, by extension, lacked an online presence, except for their job advertisements. This prompted me to investigate further using the Michigan Business Entity search engine.

Michigan Corp Search Results

I quickly searched the Michigan corporation search portal and located the registration details for Excel Elite. The ID number is 802777849. Below, I’ve provided links to the official Michigan corporation search website and an archived version via the Wayback Machine.

After reviewing their registered business details, make a note of the registered business address at 26211 Central Park Blvd, Suite 602, Southfield, MI 48076. Additionally, it’s important to observe that the Resident Agent also holds the roles of President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director.

Multiple Phone Numbers

I received phone calls from various area codes during my interview process, including 616, 586, and 602.

Second Round Interview

Despite my doubts about the organization due to its lack of an online presence, I proceeded with a phone interview. I inquired about the location of their business branch, but they told me it would only be disclosed if I progressed to the third round of interviews. In my second round of individual interviews, we primarily discussed key marketing strategies in the field. However, I observed that the materials they provided had a stamp highlighting the event “The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” I subsequently tried to find Excel Elite on their website, but nothing appeared.

Followup Text for Third Round Interview

After my second interview, I awaited a response. I eventually received a callback indicating that they wished to proceed with the interview process. “Excel Elite” then sent me the location for the third-round interview, scheduled for April 26th at 12:45 PM, at 2450 44th St SE, Suite 106. Initially, I thought I was onto something as Apple Maps listed the registered business at that address as Summit Marketing, but this information was outdated; Summit Marketing had relocated. This discovery led me to a dead end, so I decided to investigate the property management of the office building. Through this, I found that the Better Business Bureau listed a new company at the provided address.

Innovative Client Connections Unofficial Introduction

After checking the Better Business Bureau website, I found that “Innovative Client Connections” was listed at the same address that was texted to me for the third-round interview. Curious, I conducted a Google search and visited their website, where I confirmed that the address matched the one on the Michigan Corp Search site. This was too coincidental to be a mistake, especially from a government business search website. Additionally, Innovative Client Connections was acknowledged as one of “The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” This led me to explore further, starting with their LinkedIn profile, where I discovered they had a robust presence across various social media platforms. However, their social media profiles contain a lot of bot profiles. This suggests they purchase followers, likes, and other interactions to portray a false image.

I identified my interviewer from the second round by tracking their activity on Instagram to verify my suspicions and confirm their genuine involvement with the company. This company appeared to be legitimate. Yet, when they claimed to be the “#1 Marketing firm in Michigan,” I was skeptical and conducted a direct search. Surprisingly, nothing significant surfaced, raising doubts about their SEO effectiveness, which was unusual for a top-ranked firm. Prompted by this anomaly, I searched “Innovative Client Connections scam?” and discovered I wasn’t alone in my doubts. Glassdoor was filled with numerous negative reviews, warning others about the company. While there were positive reviews as well, they mostly came from within the company in metro Detroit and shared a similar style, suggesting they might be less than authentic.

Alias Business Names

This document maintains an up-to-date record of all known alternate business names associated with Innovative Client Connections. If you have a name not included here, kindly comment below and share your experience.

  • Innovative Client Connections
    • Excel Elite
    • Precise Advancement
      • AllStar Direct Marketing
      • Visionary Associates Inc

Community Reviews

Below, you will find sources linking to community reviews for Innovative Client Connections. Each source is accompanied by the original link and its archived version. If the original becomes unavailable, I provided the archived link as a precaution. This archived link is a snapshot of the original page, preserving all its content in the form of a screenshot.

Better Business Bureau Scam ID 752524

Reddit Post ID 18hnhsh

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3 responses to “Innovative Client Connections, Excel Elite, & Allstar Direct Marketing Scam or Shady Hiring Process?”

  1. Mason Avatar

    This happened to me too!

  2. Alex Avatar

    Wasted my time as well with two interviews with this company except it was under the guise “precise advancement” same address and some of the same people. Didn’t go in for the third interview. Huge waste of time

    1. Jacob Gonzales Avatar

      The main aim of this post is to assist others in avoiding wasting their time. If you’re willing to share your detailed experience in this comment thread, it would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you can report the scam to the Better Business Bureau. Doing so could potentially increase the visibility of the issue on search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, etc., helping to spread awareness even more effectively.