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My Top 3 VPN Choices

The Best VPN for Apple Devices



Proton AG, a Swiss-based VPN provider established in 2016, is a formidable player in the VPN industry. With a free basic tier and a feature-rich premium option, it stands out for its efficient iOS and macOS client. This makes it the top choice for Apple devices. The company also provides a student discount.

The Best VPN for Linux Devices

Mullvad VPN


Mullvad is a low-cost, fast VPN with a strong emphasis on transparency and security. Established in 2009 and based in Sweden, it doesn’t offer a free trial. Ideal for users like me who don’t use Windows or macOS, Mullvad has the best Linux client among VPN providers. If you’re a Linux user, I highly recommend choosing Mullvad over its competitors as they prioritize Linux support.

Honorable Mention



IVPN is a top-tier VPN service operating since 2009, headquartered in Gibraltar. Although it has fewer servers than other VPNs I’ve used for more than a year, IVPN offers a comparable range of features.

My Criteria

based on Privacy Guides criteria. I feel if you are going to purchase a VPN service you might as well get the best in terms of security, privacy and technology. Privacy Guides have established a very good list of strict criteria checklists for VPN’s

Student Discounts


ProtonVPN offers a student discount upon filling out their support form found here

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