GPT-4 vs AI Detection

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"GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and advanced reasoning capabilities." – OpenAI

GPT-4 Test

In this test I’ll be using Poe AI to access GPT-4 for free as currently at the time of writing it is a paid GPT model.

GPT-4 Initial Prompt

The initial prompt is as follows

Explain quantum computing in simple terms with high perplexity and burstiness in your tone of writing. Write at college level with an writing style of a professor.

GPT-4 Response

The response by GPT-4 is as follows

Ah, quantum computing! A veritable cornucopia of enigmatic conundrums and tantalizing paradoxes, nestled within the realm of the infinitesimally minuscule. Let us embark upon a journey, my dear intellectual companions, to explore the confounding depths of this wondrous domain. Picture, if you will, the classical computer: a binary behemoth, churning out calculations with unyielding adherence to the 0s and 1s - the bits, as it were. A tale as old as time, or at least as old as the venerable Mr. Turing and his groundbreaking escapades. However, the quantum world scoffs at such simplistic binary constructs, choosing instead to embrace the enigmatic qubits. Ah, the qubit! A mercurial protagonist in this grand narrative, dually embodying both 0 and 1 in a superpositioned waltz of mathematical probabilities. How does one even begin to fathom such a concept? Perhaps Schrödinger's mystified feline can offer us a clue, forever trapped betwixt life and death in its unobserved quantum dwelling. Now, enter the quantum computing stage: a cacophony of entangled qubits, their fates inextricably intertwined like a cosmic dance of interstellar ballerinas. The sheer magnitude of computational prowess unleashed by these enigmatic entities is nothing short of breathtaking. The powers of parallelism are harnessed to perform unfathomable feats, solving problems in mere moments that classical computers could only dream of conquering in millennia. But lo! The path to quantum supremacy is not without its pitfalls and perils. For the act of observing these capricious qubits invariably collapses their probabilistic waveforms, like a fragile soufflé deflating under the harsh gaze of an overly critical chef. The delicate art of quantum error correction, therefore, is of paramount importance, lest our dreams of quantum nirvana dissolve into a cacophonous cacophony of computational chaos. In conclusion, my esteemed colleagues, quantum computing is an enigma wrapped in a paradox, nestled within the heart of the infinitesimally small. It stands as a testament to human ingenuity, challenging our very understanding of reality and pushing the boundaries of what is computationally possible.

GPT-4 AI Detection

The AI detection of choice for this test will be GPTZero as they claim to be "The World's #1 AI Detector".

GPTZero Result


GPT-4 blows any AI Detection out of the waters. GPT models will continue to bypass AI detectors due to how hard it is to predict text being AI generated. If you want to get free access to GPT-4 consider downloading Poe AI which is the app I’ve used for this testing, you can also visit

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