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What is Safe Exam & Lockdown Browser?

Lockdown browser and Safe Exam Browser (SEB) are software applications designed to enhance the security of online exams by restricting access to certain features and websites. Lockdown browser is a proprietary program developed by Respondus, while SEB is an open-source software supported by a community of developers. Both applications prevent students from accessing external web pages, copying and pasting information, taking screenshots, or using other programs during an online exam. In addition, SEB allows instructors to set specific exam configurations, such as disabling certain keyboard keys or requiring a webcam to monitor the exam-taker. Lockdown browser and SEB provide a secure and reliable way to administer online exams, ensuring academic integrity and minimizing the risk of cheating.

These software programs are malicious, here’s why…

These applications act as malware, as they install themselves as browser extensions or software onto users’ devices without their explicit consent. Moreover, these applications track users’ activity and collect personal information, which could be a violation of their privacy. Even when an exam is not in the process of being taken. They have a system process that runs 24/7 in the background that cannot be shutdown due to it having a recurring startup process. Meaning, if you were to quit the process via task manager it’ll just start up again, which is exactly what malware does…

Bypass Introduction (Educational Purposes Only)

Let me begin by emphasizing that the following information is intended solely for educational purposes, and I strongly discourage any use of it for academic dishonesty. If you are a student who is hesitant to install these software programs on your personal device, I recommend informing your dean. They should be able to address your concerns by providing you with a school device. If they are unable to do so, simply inform them that you use Linux, as these software programs are not fully compatible with the Linux operating system.

How to Bypass

If you dive into the core functionality of how these software programs work. You will quickly come to realize they are relatively simple pieces of software that are easy to circumvent. In none technical terms, they run with elevated permissions on your operating system. Think of a work environment chain which follows as such employee → management → owner, it’s quite obvious management has more permissions than a typical employee and the owner has the most permissions. In our case these software programs are the managers while any other software on our system is just an employee. Meaning, if we want to circumvent these software programs, we have to make them either have an equal amount of permissions on our operating system or make them have more permissions than a typical manager. With this information now you should be able to come up with a quick and easy bypass to efficiently circumvent these software programs.

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