Bypassing GPT-Zero’s ChatGPT Detection Program

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What is GPT-Zero?

GPT-Zero is a tool that uses certain characteristics of AI to identify when AI is being used. It looks at things like how difficult it is for the AI to understand certain words or phrases, and uses this information to tell if the AI was involved in creating a piece of text. It’s like a “fingerprint” for AI, that can detect when it has been used.

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GPT-Zero: Limitations and Ways to Circumvent Them


GPT-Zero can identify responses generated by ChatGPT, however, its capabilities are limited. Currently, it cannot be used in real-world applications. If the need to bypass GPT-Zero arises, this is a simple method to do so.

Ways to Circumvent GPT-Zero:

You can use any text for my example, in this case I will be using a string generated by ChatGPT based on the question “Explain decentralized networks?”.

A decentralized network is a network that is not controlled by any single central authority, but instead is spread across multiple participants. In a decentralized network, each participant has a copy of the network's data, and each participant has the ability to contribute to the network. This allows for increased security and resiliency, since there is no single point of failure, and it makes it more difficult for any one participant to control or manipulate the network. Some examples of decentralized networks include peer-to-peer file sharing networks, blockchain networks, and distributed computing networks.

If we were to input a string of text generated by ChatGPT into GPT-Zero, it would likely classify the text as being generated by an AI.

GPTZero First Result

Note: You can test your text here. Be sure to select “Get Result” at the end of the page.

Now that we know our freshly generated text from ChatGPT is detected by the algorithm of GPT-Zero, we can use a very simple tool to bypass GPT-Zero’s detection method. The old-fashioned non-AI tool called Article Rewrite will do the trick. All you have to do is simply paste your text in the “Word Changer” section and press the button “Rewrite Article”.

Article Rewriter

Note: If you are getting a lot of popup ad's consider installing uBlock Origin

Once your article has been rewritten by Article Rewrite, copy and paste your text into GPT-Zero then hold Ctrl and press Enter to start the analyzation process. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Get Result” you will notice we have successfully bypassed GPT-Zero’s detection method!

GPTZero Second Result

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